History of Sunrise Ridge

Developed in 1998, Sunrise Ridge is a mixed dwelling unit neighborhood constructed by two home builders, US Homes and Writer Homes. Totaling 408 units, Sunrise Ridge is comprised of 72 cluster homes built by US Homes (generally along 61st Drive & Torrey St.), 90 townhomes by Writer (along Easley Road off of 64th Ave entrance), and 246 single family homes built by both US Homes and Writer (from Easley Road to W 64th Ave & Quaker St. to W 60th Ave.).

Registered in October 1999 with Jefferson County, the Master Declaration for Sunrise Master Association was governed by the builders’ representation until 75% of the lots were constructed. At this point in time, the first homeowner (who still lives in Sunrise Ridge) was appointed to the Board. Shortly thereafter, the Board was controlled solely by Sunrise Ridge homeowners as the builders were no longer the Declarant.

The initial Board had a hand in requiring the two builders pay HOA dues on undeveloped lots. This helped establish a well-funded reserve account that the HOA still enjoys today.

While under Declarant control, the developers proposed increasing HOA dues by 42%. In a true “grass roots” effort four homeowners, three of which still reside in Sunrise Ridge and the fourth who now serves as an Arvada City Council member for our district, went door to door to obtain the required 67% of member signatures to stop this increase. The proposed increase would have increased dues (for single family homes) from $42/month to $72/month. For comparison, our current single family HOA dues as of 2020 are $68.10/month; after 19 years we still haven’t hit $72/month fee sought by the original builders.

Another element that makes Sunrise Ridge unique is our 12 acres of common property and our namesake Neighborhood Park. Originally designated and zoned for use as an elementary school, the area that is now Sunrise Ridge Park was turned over to the city after Jefferson County Public Schools passed on building a new school. While Sunrise Ridge Park is owned by the City of Arvada, the HOA had a guiding hand in its development and progression through a community planning process. In March 2011, on behalf of Sunrise Ridge residents, the Board leveraged the services of a fellow board member, and Landscape Architect, who created a conceptual park plan outlining the goals defined by then Sunrise Ridge residents for the park. Today’s park reflects the input of all of our Sunrise Ridge residents and the proactive efforts of the Board (both then and now). To this date, Sunrise Ridge Park is the only park in the Arvada parks system that features two bocce ball courts.

Sunrise Ridge is also home to part of the City of Arvada designated Equestrian Trail system. The trail system loops from our southern edge along 60th Ave, north along Quaker Street, then turns west along Church Ditch and ultimately terminating at 60th Ave. The original trail was built by the Declarant with maintenance ultimately falling to the Association. Starting in 2013, redevelopment of that trail system began along the north edge parallel to Church Ditch to address both general trail maintenance and site drainage issues long apparent since the original construction of Sunrise Ridge. Since 2013, trail maintenance and redevelopment has continued on a regular basis meeting our contractual commitment to the City of Arvada’s equestrian trail system and providing additional recreational enhancements for Sunrise Ridge residents. As of 2020 trail redevelopment is heading west along 60th Avenue toward Sunrise Ridge Park as we continue to close the loop. That trail system also links with the fitness trail system formalized by the Board in 2012 running through and around Sunrise Ridge.