Enhancement Committee

Purpose: To serve our Sunrise Ridge Neighborhood by assisting the Association Board of Directors in planning neighborhood centric, environmentally sustainable, improvements for our Common Property.

Vision: Engage our neighbors to identify elements, including social, physical, and environmental, in Sunrise Ridge that make our neighborhood unique. Assist the Association Board in planning improvements and developing policies that defend and enhance those identifiable elements.

The Ultimate Objective: maintain and grow the sense of place that continues to make Sunrise Ridge a vibrant and desirable neighborhood.

Membership: The Enhancement Committee are board-appointed volunteers representing the dynamic range of Sunrise Ridge residents
Recent addition of wildflowers. Video courtesy of Matthew Walton.

What's happening in 2023?
Thanks to Matthew Walton and Will Viitanen for volunteering and helping to achieve water conservation goals, as well as improvements to the trail system and the trail by the Church ditch. Installing smart controllers for the irrigation system will be put on hold until after the completion of an irrigation audit. The irrigation audit will help us develop plans to conserve water with in the community with the implementation of those plans set for 2024-2025. In addition, policies and guidance on xeriscaping will be looked at to further increase our community’s efforts to conserve water. M&M will provide a bid for replacement and repairs to portions of the HOA’s fence to be completed in 2023.  Emerald Ash Borer treatments will continue yearly starting in 2023. The trail refurbishments will continue on 60th Avenue and Russell in 2023, as we have been dealing with supply chain issues and delays from 2022.

Previous Updates:
Emerald Ash Borer treatments were completed in the Fall of 2022 by Jones Tree and Lawn.


Phase 4 of the Multi-use Trail: Work continues today on the west side of Russell Street and 60th Avenue. The trail is pulled away from the HOA fence and additional seating is being provided to take advantage of the view to North Table Mountain creating a more pleasant experience. As this entrance to Sunrise Ridge is the only one without an Entry Monument, the design includes space for a future Monument to match the one at 60th Ave and 60th DR west of this location. Completion is scheduled for spring of 2021. Phase 5 & 6 of the Multi-use Trail: Began preliminary design for phase 5 of trail (corner of 60th Ave. and 60th Drive) and Phase 6 (for length between Phase 4 & 5 along 60th Ave). Entry Monument Maintenance: Completed regular sealing and light maintenance for all 4 site entry monuments. Additional Holiday Lights: Snowflakes added to annual holiday light display.
For more about the past and future plans in the works please see the links below to documents which can also be found in our document library. As these links are in the library they do require login.

For a list of all enhancement related documents including plans and maps, please go to the library here:

Enhancement Committee Documents