Please see below for important updates to the paint guidelines as of March 2022

Sunrise Ridge Master Association
Exterior Paint Guidelines and Information 2022

US Homes:
o Body may be painted with either vertical or horizontal colors from the chosen palette.
Palette schemes and community paint map can be found online
o Trim may be painted using the trim color from the palette, or the body color in the
palette not already chosen for the body of the home
o The use of the accent color is not required, but is encouraged – if a scheme has
more than one accent color, only one may be used

Writer Homes:
o  Body must use both body colors as shown in the palette, but horizontal and vertical
siding colors may be interchanged
o  Trim color in the chosen palette must be used on all trim
o  No change to shake colors – homeowner to submit chosen color for approval along
with a color sample
o  If a scheme has more than one accent color, only one may be used

Front doors can either be painted the accent color for the chosen scheme or
homeowner can choose a color from the list of front door color options in the back of the
book. Front door color can be any of these colors, regardless of the chosen color
scheme. Other exterior doors are to be painted the main body color, unless requesting
an exception.

Garage doors are to be painted the main body color. Outlining the garage door panels
in a contrasting color or in a checkerboard design is not permitted. Likewise, soffits
must be painted the body color.

Lastly, your selected color scheme cannot be the same as the neighbors adjacent to

Any requested exceptions will be deferred by the ARC to the Board of Directors and
decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis by the entire Board.

If desired, homeowners can look at the Association approved paint binder and get paint
chips at the local Sherwin Williams store located on the Southwest corner of 64th and
McIntyre. Color schemes and community paint map can also be found online
at Sherwin Williams.
These are the ONLY color schemes that are approved for house painting in the Sunrise
Ridge Master Association subdivision. You cannot mix or match any of these schemes.
Also, if your current house color is an original color or not found here, then it is no
longer an approved color. While these schemes and the paint binder represent colors
found at Sherwin Williams, you can take the color number and name to any paint dealer
and they should be able to color match based on the SW number found here in this
book – you are not restricted to using just Sherwin Williams paint, but are responsible
for the final color matching.


Sunrise Ridge Master Association Board of Directors
March, 2022

Note: The Declarations require that an owner must obtain the prior written approval of the
Architectural Review Committee for ANY exterior alteration or addition to property within
Sunrise Ridge Master Association (See Article IX of the Declaration of Covenants.)
To comply with the Declarations, please complete an ARC form that can be found
online at: . Please complete the ARC paint
request form online or via PDF and submit electronically or return via mail to:
Sunrise Ridge Master Association
c/o Homestead Management Company
1499 W. 121st Ave #100
Westminster, CO 80234
Telephone # 303-457-1444
Fax # 303-457-0670